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Campus Security Authority

Campus Security Authorities are advocates, responding and supporting students who report criminal activity.  

As a Campus Security Authority (CSA), you may be someone to whom a victim, witness or other person feels comfortable reporting a crime. As a CSA, you have a legal obligation to report any violations of the Clery Act as communicated to you. Use the reporting form to alert the appropriate authorities promptly.

Campus Security Authority Reporting Form

What are CSAs?

Campus Security Authorities or CSA's, are used for any employees who are designated to report crimes to Public Safety. CSA’s must collect and report any information about possible criminal activity to Campus Safety promptly.

Title IX

Once you become aware that a Sexual Offense or VAWA Offense may have happened, you must report to the Title IX Coordinator immediately at (716) 829-8337 or (in addition to sending the report to Campus Safety). 

  • Explain that you were approached by the student—even if the student decided not to make an official report or sought counseling.
  • The Title IX Coordinator will follow-up with the student.

Confidential Services

Discussions with Confidential Resources (CR’s) will NOT result in a report to a Title IX coordinator

  • The Personal Counseling Center, (716) 829-8157


Title IX (1972)

Protects male and female students from sexual harassment by a school employee, another student or a non-employee third party (i.e. visiting speaker, vendor, etc.)

The Clery Act (1990, 1992, 1998, 2008)

Holds schools accountable for sharing their safety policies and crime statistics 

Sexual Assault Victims Bill of Rights (1992)

Requires colleges and universities to establish policies addressing sexual assault and afford campus sexual-assault survivors certain basic rights, including assistance notifying the police