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The mailroom receives, distributes, and sends out the U.S. Mail for the College as well as items from other carriers, and internal campus mail. The D'Youville mailroom is located in the basement of the DAC (D'Youville Academic Center).


  • Mail delivery service to the D'Youville campus.
  • Mail pickup using the U.S. Postal Services, UPS, and FedEx services. The U.S. Postal Service picks up outgoing once a day from the mailroom.
  • Bulk mailings
  • Fax machine services
  • U.S. postal forms

Hours of Operation

D'Youville mailroom hours:
Monday — Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Note: Exceptions to the above hours may occur during holidays. The D'Youville mailroom is not open on the weekends. If you are expecting a time-sensitive package, please verify the delivery time with the shipper and verify the mailroom open hours by calling 716-829-8000 (University Main - Directory).