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Physician Assistant

D’Youville’s highly regarded physician assistant program prepares students to be exemplary clinicians with the highest professional standards.

The demand for physician assistants continues to grow, making this profession an exciting career choice.

Physician assistants are nationally certified and state-licensed medical professionals who practice medicine under the supervision of a physician.

At D'Youville, in just four and half years you can earn a combined bachelor's and master's degree in physician assistant (BS+MS) through our ARC-PA-accredited program.


The mission of the D'Youville Physician Assistant department is to prepare exemplary clinicians with the highest professional standards.

Program Goals

The D'Youville Physician Assistant Department measures its success as a program at achieving it goals by how well it meets the standards set forth in the mission statement.

  1. To equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become exemplary clinicians.
  2. Our students will be trained to serve patients across the lifespan, with health and wellness promotion in primary care and interprofessional collaboration.
  3. Our students will be trained to serve diverse patient populations.
  4. Our students will demonstrate professionalism across multiple areas of clinical practice.
  5. Our students will become competent in medical and evidenced based research through scholarly activity.

Success in Achieving Program Goals


Four-and-a-Half-Year Combined Degree

Our online application is free and easy to submit.

PA student with otoscope

Our graduates will be trained to serve diverse patient populations with sensitivity and compassion, coupled with an emphasis on primary care and interprofessional collaboration. We are dedicated to fostering the skills necessary to generate new clinical insights based on medically relevant research. The D'Youville Physician Assistant graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive care while being an advocate for patient health and wellness promotion.

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