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Current Students

Student Responsibilities

The D’Youville physician assistant department offers a 4-year program that accepts both traditional freshman and transfer students. The department also offers direct entry into the professional phase of the program, allowing eligible students to complete the program in just over 2 years.

Freshman students enrolled in the PA department must complete three summer sessions in addition to the eight regular full-time semesters for a total of 175 credit hours which includes the pre-professional and professional phases.

Transfer students’ credit hours in the pre-professional phase will depend on what prior coursework was completed and accepted to the program.

During the clinical phase, students are responsible for all incurred expenses while on rotation which may include travel to and from the clinical site, lodging, food, etc. Due to the availability of clinical rotations, extended daily travel may be required. It is required that each student have a valid driver’s license and his or her own vehicle.

Due to the time commitment of the program, particularly in the professional phase, off-campus work is not recommended.

PA students must not be required to work for the program. Students must not substitute for or function as instructional faculty. Additionally, prospective and enrolled students are not required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors.