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Financial Aid Forms

D'Youville's Office of Financial Aid is available for assistance. 

In an effort to support sustainability and provide our students with a first-rate educational experience, we are proud to announce that the Financial Aid Office is expanding its online service offerings to students.

If you have outstanding tasks (selected for verification, federal reject of your student aid application, application data discrepancies, and others) to finalize your FAFSA, you will be directed to complete all of these processes using an online FAFSA verification process.

We encourage all current FAFSA-filing students to please activate their accounts.

Please note, the creation step of the process will ask for personally identifiable information. This step will allow you to e-sign any requested documents and this information will be used to authenticate you to your current FAFSA information. This is a one-time account creation. Once your account is created you will be able to log in and update annually.

 Key benefits to you:

  • You can complete verification directly from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • You can complete the verification worksheet, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal, or a Professional Judgment Request online.
  • This system offers secure document upload.
  • You and/or your parents can e-sign documents.
  • This system allows for single-sign on in My D'Youville.
  • You will receive automated reminders to complete your task via email and text (if you opt in).


Please note that some of the forms only vary by year or by status (dependent vs. independent). Also, some forms only appear at specific times of the year. If you are unsure of the form you need, please contact the financial aid office for assistance.