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Withdrawal Refunds

If you drop a class or withdraw completely, your tuition costs will be reduced based on the date the completed drop/add or withdrawal form is approved by the appropriate D'Youville department representatives.

Tuition Refund Policy

When you register, you are responsible for all charges associated with your registration. Failure to attend does not relieve you of your financial liability. Adjustments to tuition liability will only be made in cases of official withdrawals or leaves of absence. A student intending to withdraw from D'Youville must contact the department chair in person or in writing and submit the proper withdrawal forms to the Registrar's Office. The procedure is not complete until the written intent is properly filed with D'Youville.

Any refund of tuition will be calculated based on the date of the filing a withdrawal form and the schedule below for the fall and spring semesters. For more information on add/drop periods, consult the Registrar's registration and course information page.

To help protect your investment, D’Youville has partnered with GradGuard to offer an optional tuition insurance plan. Visit the GradGuard website for more information on tuition insurance.

Courses scheduled for dates which differ from the established calendar will be similarly pro-rated.

Official Schedule of Fall & Spring Tuition Refund Dates

Fall and Spring tuition liability is calculated based on days used:

Classes that run for 14 days or less:

Days Used Refund  Liability
0-1 100% 0%
2 or more 0% 100%

Classes that run for 15 days to 42 days (2 to 6 weeks):

Days Used Refund  Liability
0-8 100% 0%
9-15 66% 34%
16-22 33% 67%
23 or more 0% 100%

Classes that run 43 days to 84 days (7 to 11 weeks):

Days Used Refund  Liability
0-8 100% 0%
9-15 75% 25%
16-22 50% 50%
23-29 25% 75%
30 or more 0% 100%

Classes that run 85 days or more (12 weeks or more):

Days Used Refund  Liability
0-14 100% 0%
15-21 80% 20%
22-28 60% 40%
29-35 40% 60%
36-42 20% 80%
43 or more 0% 100%