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When you apply for admission to D'Youville, you will automatically be considered for a merit scholarships.

Last year, D'Youville awarded over $16 million in scholarships and 3 out of 4 first year in college students were awarded a scholarship or grant. Because we are committed to making a college education affordable to all students, we consider every student for our merit scholarships, based on their previous academic success.

In addition to merit scholarships, we also offer over 75 donor-supported scholarships to help you with the cost of your education. And once you are enrolled, you can access our donor-funded scholarships and 1,000s of others through ScholarshipUniverse — answer a short series of questions and be paired with and apply to scholarships at any time during your academic career.

All scholarship awards are subject to D'Youville's scholarship policies.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships can cover as much as 50% of your tuition. No need to fill out a separate application to apply.

Your previous academic achievement is used to determine eligibility for many scholarships, while for others, financial need is considered. Transfer students are also eligible for scholarships and if you are in a combined degree program you can keep your undergraduate scholarship for all five years.

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Donor Funded Scholarships

Support from the D'Youville community.

Donor funded scholarships are made possible by the generosity of D'Youville alumni and friends, including local corporations, businesses, and civic groups. Some scholarships are focused on programs or initiatives. Find out more and apply. 

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