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Apply for Aid

Your education is a big investment and one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Many students and families need to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and related expenses and their financial resources.

At D'Youville, our counselors are committed to exploring a full range of financial aid to make your education as affordable as possible. Visit the Student Success Center on the first floor of the Bauer Family Academic Center, in room 127 to speak with us in person. Virtually every student, regardless of income level, is eligible for some sort of assistance.

Estimate Your Tuition

When you apply for admission to D'Youville, you are automatically considered for a merit scholarship, which becomes part of your financial aid package. You may also be eligible for other scholarships, grants, loans and work-study to help make your education as affordable as possible.

Steps to Apply


Your applications for financial aid should be submitted as early as possible in order to receive priority consideration.

Request a FSA ID from the Department of Education so you can electronically sign your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This FAFSA form determines your eligibility for government financial aid—including grants, loans, and work-study. If you're a dependent student, You and your parent can both request a unique FSA ID complete the signature requirements.
  • Create your FSA ID
  • Create a folder (virtual or paper) to keep all of your financial aid related documents in one place.
Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible.
The FAFSA is available, starting October 1. Complete your FAFSA online. Make sure to list D'Youville school code 002712 on the application, so D'Youville's Financial Aid Office will receive your information.
If you're a New York State resident, starting in October you should apply for TAP (Tuition Assistance Program). Application processing for TAP usually takes from six to eight weeks. Make sure to list D'Youville school code 0195.
Submit all the necessary paperwork or applications for any private or outside scholarships you may be eligible for.
Watch for e-mail/mail from the Department of Education, confirming that your application was processed. They will also send you a Student Aid Report (SAR), which summarizes your financial aid eligibility for any federal programs.
Review the SAR to make sure it's accurate and that the D'Youville school code 002712 is listed. If necessary, correct any errors on your FAFSA.
You may be selected for verification based on your FAFSA application. If you are selected, it means you'll need to verify certain information on your FAFSA.  You may be asked to submit additional documentation to complete this task.
FAFSA deadline is March 2. Make sure to submit your FAFSA by this date.
Receive admissions notification(s) and your award letter notification detailing the financial aid package offered to you by D'Youville . Upon receiving your award notification, you have 10 days to accept or decline your aid, which you can do online. (Your award letter will have instructions on how to do this.)
Make your enrollment decision and submit the enrollment deposit, if requested.
Notify any schools that you have chosen not to attend that have accepted you that you will not be attending.
After you and/or your parents file your federal income tax returns, you can correct any estimated information provided on your FAFSA.
May 1 is the final deadline for New York State residents seeking TAP aid. Make sure to fill out your application.

Starting October 1st, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is your first step in applying for financial aid and is required to be considered for need-based aid, including grants, loans and work-study.

Important facts:

  • The D'Youville school code for your FAFSA is 002712.
  • You must file a FAFSA before each academic year to be considered for financial aid.
  • To receive priority funding, file your FAFSA as early as October 1 but no later than April 15.
  • Complete the FAFSA online (recommended) or by using a paper form.
  • The Financial Aid Office may ask you for additional documents after you file your FAFSA. Check your e-mail account often, and make sure you submit any additional documents as soon as possible.


After completing your FAFSA, you may be selected for verification based on your application. Students can be selected for verification by either the federal government or by D'Youville . To avoid delays, please submit all required documents promptly. More information can be found on the FAFSA verification page.


Explore grants, which are financial aid awards that do not need to be repaid. Grants are given to students who demonstrate financial need and are based on your FAFSA.


Last, If your family's expected contributions fall short of tuition costs, explore loans. Federal loans and private loans are available.

Your Financial Aid Package

Your financial need is determined by adding up the total cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, room and board and extras. Then we subtract the amount you expect your family to pay. The remainder is considered your financial need, and typically is met with a mix of scholarshipsgrantsloans and work-study

After you submit your application for financial aid, you will receive a financial aid award notification from D'Youville, typically in early to mid-March (if you're applying for fall admission). 

Manage Your Financial Aid Package


Your award letter tells you how much financial aid you are eligible to receive. Please read your award letter very carefully and respond to the requests in a timely fashion.


  • Upon receiving your letter, you may need to accept or decline certain aid offerings, which you can do online. (Your award letter will have instructions on how to do this.)
  • If you receive TAP (New York State Tuition Assistance), please note that at the time of packaging, the amount listed on your award letter by D'Youville is only an estimate. To see the exact amount of TAP that you entitled to, refer to the TAP Award Letter. Make sure to call your financial aid counselor if there is variance so we can update your award.
  • If you plan to receive a scholarship from an outside source, please provide your financial aid counselor with a copy of the award letter and any other related material.
  • Is any other information missing or inaccurate? Contact your financial aid counselor right away to correct the information.
  • Are you new student at D'Youville ? If so, you must meet with your financial aid counselor to determine the maximum amount you can borrow. If you're applying for federal loans, you'll need to complete an online Direct Loan Entrance Interview and a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) found on
  • If your needs aren't fully met by federal programs or scholarships and grants, and you need a private loan, review and compare our list of preferred lenders.

D'Youville Codes

D’Youville Federal School Code: 002712

D’Youville TAP (Undergraduate): 0195