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Humanities and Social Sciences

Think. Explore. Create.

The Humanities and Social Sciences builds your intellectual toolbox, opens you to new ways of looking at the world, stimulates your creativity, builds careers in Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, Spanish, and prepares students to pursue careers in healthcare and law.

  • Health Humanities (BA or BS) Investigate the impacts of health and wellness on the individual, explore courses from literature to public health to history, and discover a personal, creative path to your healthcare career.
  • Psychology BA Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors in the US, and for good reason: learning about the mind and behavior while earning your BA in Psychology gives you a solid foundation on which to build a wide range of careers.
  • Online BA in Psychology Earn a degree that equips you with an understanding of human behavior and motivation—and shows you how to apply It across a range of careers.

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