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At D'Youville, research is a part of what we do everyday. It is essential to bringing new ideas and applications into the field.

Faculty, undergraduate and graduate students are involved in research at every level - it means dynamic activity in the field allowing students and faculty to continually learn and contribute to their fields. As a student you will have:

  • Opportunities to conduct research alongside faculty
  • Present results at regional, national and international conferences
  • Participate in clinical settings testing new theories and practices
  • Learn the techniques for collecting, analyzing and interpreting data for meaningful applications.


Funding for Research

Research at D'Youville is often funded by external sources, such as the National Institute for Health (NIH) or a foundation that supports investigations into the researcher's field. These sources give faculty and students the ability to continue to explore, and stay at the cutting edge of their fields.

Are You Conducting Research?

At D'Youville all research by faculty or students involving human subjects (funded or not funded) must be reviewed and approved by the D'Youville's Institutional Review Board before being carried out.