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Thesis Dissertation Submission Instructions

Follow these instructions to electronically submit your thesis or dissertation.

This guide provides the steps that should be completed are you have defended, made the necessary changes and completed the outside reader process for the APA style review.

After you have received approval from the outside reader and the graduate studies office, please complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the ProQuest ETD Administrator website, to begin the process.
  2. Create an account by clicking "Sign up and get started today!" and then verifying your account by clicking the link that will be emailed to you.
  3. After you have verified your account and logged in, you may begin following the step-by-step prompts for entering all the required information about yourself and your manuscript. In the past this process involved physical paperwork, but now it is completed entirely electronically.
  4. Publishing Options: When prompted, select "Traditional Publishing" and answer "Yes" to "I want my work to be available as soon as it is published." On the next screen, click "Accept."
  5. Contact Information: Fill in all required contact information and please be sure to fill in your permanent mailing address when prompted to avoid any important paperwork being sent to D'Youville.
  6. Dissertation/Thesis Details: Fill in all the required information about your manuscript and select the primary subject category that is most appropriate for your manuscript. You may select two additional subject codes/categories, if you wish. Also, you should provide up to six keywords to enhance the electronic retrieval process.
    At the bottom of this page there will be a box for your abstract. Copy and paste your abstract into this box and select the primary language of the manuscript. The default setting is English.
  7. Upload a PDF: Create a PDF of your manuscript and upload it. You should now submit your manuscript with a typed approval or "signature" page instead of actual signatures. The committee's signatures on graduate office forms will signal to the college that you have worked with the approval of your committee.
  8. Copyright Permission: You must obtain copyright permission letters for any copyrighted materials in your manuscript, including materials copied in tables and figures and in the appendices. If you are using copyrighted material, upload copies of your permission letters on this page.
  9. Supplemental Files (Optional): If you have any supplemental materials, such as audio, video or spreadsheets, you should upload them to this page. If you do not have supplemental materials, click "Save and continue."
  10. Notes to Administrator (Optional): Include any notes for the administrator who will be reviewing your work on this page.
  11. Register U.S. Copyright: Select "No" under the "Previous U.S. Copyright Protection" section and select "File for a new copyright." ProQuest will charge you directly for the $75 copyright fee.
  12. Order Copies: When prompted to order copies, select two (2) hardcover, 8 1/2 X 11 copies. Click "Calculate subtotal" and then "Continue with order." These two copies are for the college  — one for your department and one for the library. The fees are paid directly to ProQuest, and after publication ProQuest will send you a link to order any additional copies.
  13. Shipping Address: Please fill in the following information:
    D'Youville University
    Academic Affairs
    320 Porter Ave.
    Buffalo, NY 14201
  14. Submit and Pay: Review the summary of your submission and then click "Continue with submission."
  15. Order Summary: You will see a summary of charges. Verify the shipping address and then click "Pay with credit card."
  16. Credit Card: Enter your payment information. When you are finished, click "Submit dissertation/thesis and pay."
  17. Your manuscript submission will now be released to the Office of Graduate Studies for review. After we have verified that all the necessary information and documents are in place, your manuscript will be released to ProQuest for publication.