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General Education

The D'Youville General Education curriculum integrates the practical, intellectual, personal, and social proficiency employers desire throughout your major program and the liberal arts and sciences.

At D’Youville, we encourage you to learn not only about what you want to do, but what you’re passionate about. Our general education curriculum allows you to create a path of exploration with unique classes and learning experiences. You'll work with your academic advisor to discover the courses that most interest and challenge you as you learn, explore, and meet your personal and professional goals.

A New Vision for General Education

The general education experience at D'Youville is a unique learning experience that focuses on learning skills students need for success, while also allowing for exploration, experimentation, and learning beyond the classroom. The skills are aligned around three principles: practical skills, intellectual skills, and personal and social responsibility.

  • Practical Skills Written and Oral Communication, Information, Literacy, Teamwork, and Problem-Solving, and Technological Competence
  • Intellectual Skills Critical Analysis, Creative Thinking, Scientific Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Personal & Social Responsibility Global Awareness and Cultural Competence, Civic Knowledge and Engagement, and Ethical Reasoning and Action

A Flexible Transfer Policy

The general education curriculum is designed to allow transfer students credit for their previous coursework while ensuring they also benefit from the expansive educational experience offered to all students at D'Youville. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree at another institution do not need to complete the D’Youville general education requirements.