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Rural Outreach Initiative

Offering critical, high-quality, advanced education to rural healthcare organizations with an astonishing 50 percent tuition scholarship.

Rural Outreach Initiative (ROI) allows your organization to designate up to two current or prospective employees to obtain advanced education. D’Youville will provide a 50 percent tuition scholarship after all aid is applied. The healthcare partner will commit to hosting clinical placements and offering a designated tuition contribution.

The employee-participant will commit to an agreed-upon period of employment post-graduation. The organization’s tuition contribution and duration of employment are at the discretion of the organization.

Founded upon the principle that we “never refuse to serve,” D’Youville actively persists in building healthy, thriving communities in its midst. From robust community partnerships, to hosting a high school on its campus, to the construction of a multi-million dollar health clinic to serve Buffalo’s West Side, D’Youville continues to answer the call.



Rural health providers are able to benefit from the R.O.I program in ways that will address immediate and long-term workforce shortages while also increasing retention through promotion from within their organization.

As our healthcare partners seek to recruit new practitioners at a lower cost and keep professionals in the workforce, D’Youville is here to help.

  • Online RN to BSN
  • Online Master’s in Nursing Management and Leadership
  • Low-residency Master’s in Nursing Education with a Clinical Focus
  • Low-residency Advanced Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Low-residency Master’s in Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Online Doctor of Nursing Practice in Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Online Doctor of Health Professions Education
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Long-Term Care Administration
  • Online Graduate Medical Ethics Certificate
  • Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • Online Bachelor of Science in Business Management
  • Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Online Certificate in Medication Management with a final on-site session at the facility
  • Online Certificate in Point of Care Testing with a final on-site session at the facility
  • Online Pharmacy Tech – PharmD Pathway Program
  • Low-residency Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Online Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate (ppOTD)

Why D'Youville

After assessing our state’s needs, D’Youville took up the mantle to help address critical workforce shortages in rural communities. R.O.I. was born. So why partner with D’Youville? We are not your typical higher education institution. D’Youville led higher education in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We were first to digitize classrooms, first to execute early-graduation incentives, first to mobilize a B-team for area hospitals, and now first to spread that impact to our neighbors through this groundbreaking program.

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