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Institutional Priorities

This particular strategic plan cycle aimed to address three main priorities:

1. ENRICHING EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE in an equitable and inclusive environment. This includes fostering and maintaining robust academic programs, revising and updating our General Education Program and enhancing the student learning experience.

2. ENHANCING THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE to ensure that it serves as an intellectual incubator for educational excellence and consequential student development. This includes implementing a work-college model, strengthening our athletic programs and augmenting our strategic partnerships.

3. EXPANDING OPPORTUNITY AND COMMUNITY IMPACT to set in motion the necessary steps to achieve sustained prosperity to bolster community contribution. This includes our Catholic heritage, community engagement recognition, diversity, equity and inclusion, professional development, fundraising and advancement and a campus master plan.

An additional category was created to house “MOONSHOTS” - Mounting ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking projects that embody the unique identity (“brand”) of D’Youville and distinguish it from other local or comparable institutions of higher learning.

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