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Clinics, Labs & Facilities

D'Youville's clinics, labs and facilities support areas ranging from chemistry and computer science to chiropractic.


The Gross Anatomy Lab is a major academic resource used by students in many programs, including Physical TherapyChiropracticOccupational Therapy, Physician Assistant and Biology programs. Students using the lab benefit from hands-on experience in cadaver dissection to illustrate human anatomy.

The recently updated lab includes:

  • Stations for cadaver dissection
  • High-definition televisions (2) and ceiling-mounted high-resolution cameras which project dissections
  • Computers for students to access the internet, online journal databases, recorded demonstrations, and anatomical software
  • Lounge for student breaks and study groups
  • Private showers (3)

D'Youville's Gross Anatomy Lab is used for D'Youville's combined BA or BS Biology + MS Anatomy (5-Year) and Anatomy MS (1-Year) programs. It's also used for the undergraduate course, Art of Anatomy (BIO123), where students use artistic techniques to draw or sculpt human anatomy and form.

Lab Location: Lower Level, ALT (Dr Pauline M. Alt Building)


This lab is used for research and teaching purposes for students taking classes in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics department. The lab offers students the opportunity to conduct supervised laboratory investigations on the organization, compartmentalization, and biochemistry of eukaryotic cells and the pathology associated with human disease. The laboratory uses modern cell biology, molecular genetics, and biochemical approaches to understand the mechanisms of cell division, intracellular trafficking, gene expression, and signal transduction.

The laboratory also explores the fundamental processes involved in cell cycle control, genome structure, as well as intracellular protein localization. Another area of emphasis is bioinformatics, including DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis. Students can also be trained in sterile techniques to grow mammalian cell lines in our tissue culture hood.

Under the supervision of experienced faculty, students participate in research projects, designing and performing experiments, analyzing data, and presenting the outcomes at significant regional and national scientific conferences. The laboratory maintains close collaborations with other laboratories within D'Youville, and also Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and University at Buffalo. Several former members of the lab are now graduate and medical students at prestigious research institutions, including University at Buffalo, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Rutgers University, and SUNY Upstate Medical University, and continue to collaborate with the present members of the laboratory.

Lab Location: Room 103, SASE (Dr. Charles and Mary Schweitzer Bauer School of Arts, Sciences and Education Building)


Chiropractic Clinic

D'Youville's Chiropractic Clinic offers on-campus clinical internships for graduate Chiropractic students. The clinic practicum focuses on holistic principles guided by Chiropractic clinical faculty. Chiropractic students work with patients one-on-one in the clinic, which contains a large variety of chiropractic equipment and modalities including ultrasound, TENS, laser, and more. The clinic design allows the student to efficiently treat a large variety of conditions. The clinic also contains diagnostic imaging equipment to help to diagnose and create care plans for patients. All D'Youville students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive free chiropractic care at D'Youville's Chiropractic Clinic located on the 4th floor of the Bauer Family Academic Center.

Chiropractic Adjusting Lab

D'Youville Chiropractic students are trained in our state-of-the-art labs equipped with multi-functional adjusting tables, interactive audio/visual equipment, Anatomage virtual dissection table, and more. Each student is assessed using a Force Sensing Table Technology chiropractic table for optimal development of psychomotor skills, which are assessed with force plate measurements, providing instantaneous feedback on student performance.


At D'Youville, students have access to both Macintosh and Windows computers and printing services in our campus Technology Centers. 


D'Youville Nursing students begin using Nursing Labs during their sophomore year. The Nursing labs correspond with coursework and are where students learn nursing skills and methodologies, including health assessment, IVs, injections, and medication administration.

The Labs are set up as a hospital setting and include human patient simulators.

Lab Locations: ALT 128, ALT 305, ALT 306, ALT 307, ALT 308


The nutrition and dietetics lab is a fully-functional institutional kitchen. In addition, a full complement of home-use equipment is found in the lab, including an induction range. All food-related courses incorporate activities and instruction in the lab to enhance the learning experience. In the Food Science course, food experiments are conducted. In the Food and Culture course, food items from cultural groups around the world are prepared and sampled. In the Quantity Foods course, large quantities of food items are prepared. This course culminates in the preparation of meals for low income community groups.

The nutrition and dietetics lab is also available for use by the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, other nutrition and dietetics student groups, and campus offices for food-related events, fund-raisers, and more.

Institutional equipment in the nutrition and dietetics lab includes:

  • 8-burner range
  • conventional and convection oven
  • stilting braising skillet
  • steamer
  • steam-jacketed kettle
  • dish machine
  • steam table
  • mixer
  • walk-in cooler and freezer

Home-use equipment includes:

  • gas ranges
  • electric induction range
  • conventional and convection ovens

The laboratory is inspected by the Erie County Health Department for compliance with New York State Sanitation Code and has been granted a permit to serve food to the public.

Lab Location: MAD LLK (Madonna Hall, lower level)


The AC 001 lab is a large, clinical practice lab, fully equipped with modern equipment found in primary care clinical offices. This lab is used by the PA department for instruction in Physical Diagnosis (PA 312/313).

Lab Location: BFAC 001 (Bauer Family Academic Center)


D'Youville's Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy labs allow students to learn therapies and clinical skills. The labs are set up to instruct students on therapies to enable patients to become fully functioning for the activities of daily living.


This lab serves as a mock apartment, as well as a learning space. It houses a complete kitchen and bath, as well as a bedroom area and additional modified safety tub. The lab is divided into the apartment space and a space with tables and chairs for more traditional teaching/learning. The lab serves as an area to teach students how to work with a variety of patients in a true homelike setting.

Lab Location: ALT 21 (Pauline Alt Building)


This lab serves as an area where students will learn about occupations that typical children and adults take part in. The lab has 3 counter height tables and 3 regular height tables for a variety of craft/hobby/daily living activities. This room also contains a specialized kiln room for ceramics, as the OT department takes part in community outreach/service learning programs involving ceramics (ECMC Pain Clinic and West Side Community Services). Students also learn splinting and casting in this room.

Lab Location: ALT 23 (Pauline Alt Building)


When complete, the mat labs will serve as learning space for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy students for various treatment applications. In this lab, students will learn and practice neurological rehabilitation, child and adolescent intervention, and adult and geriatric intervention training.

Students will use the lab to learn how to effectively treat:

  • Children for conditions that limit their functionality
  • Adults with neurologic conditions, including: traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and post-stroke conditions.

Both Mat Labs include:

  • Full-size mat tables (6) that can be pulled up to the wall to increase floor space
  • Parallel bars
  • Special mounting systems for large therapy equipment (swings and bolsters)
  • Equipment for transfer training and wheelchair mobility
  • Hoyer lift (assistive device)
  • Pneu-Walker (hydraulic mobile walking unit for adults, which allows therapists to unweight them in a safe and secure environment)

Lab Locations: ALT 18 and ALT 25 (Pauline Alt Building)


Compounding Laboratories

The D'Youville School of Pharmacy's compounding laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for instructing students in the art of pharmacy compounding and technology. Students learn to prepare, compound and dispense a variety of dosage forms (including parenteral admixtures) safely and effectively during their laboratory courses. The compounding laboratories accommodate approximately 40 students at a time.

Lab Location: 5th floor, DAC (D'Youville Academic Center)

Practice Laboratory

D'Youville's clinical practice laboratory provides a simulated environment for students to perform basic physical examination skills, practice counseling patients and communicating with other health professionals. The laboratory mimics a collaborative practice environment where pharmacists work closely with other health professionals.

Lab Location: 4th floor, DAC (D'Youville Academic Center)

Drug Research And Development Lab

D'Youville's new Drug Discovery and Development Lab is a resource for faculty and students (pharmacy and other science majors) who are interested in drug discovery research and development. The lab contains all of the fundamental equipment and supplies needed to undertake chemical synthesis, separation and analysis, including fume hoods, reaction vessels, ovens, chromatographs, distillation apparatuses, spectrophotometers, formulation evaluation chambers and a computer assisted drug design station. It is also equipped with several safety features including wide access aisles, movable bench tops, showers and solvent and caustics storage cabinets.

Lab Location: 5th floor DAC 9 (wet lab) and 4th floor DAC (computer assisted drug design work station). (D'Youville Academic Center).

Bauer Cellular And Molecular Pharmacology And Pharmacogenomics Research Laboratories

The Bauer Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics Labs contain several pieces of "state of the art" equipment that allow faculty to collaborate with other departments, colleges and universities, government agencies and industry on research projects and to compete for national and state research grants. Students interested in training for a career in modern pharmacology research will have an opportunity to work in the laboratory under the supervision of faculty researchers. The laboratory is equipped with two laminar flow hoods, four controlled atmosphere incubators, two robotic based pipetting systems, three multiwell plate readers (UV/vis/fluorescence), image analysis systems, a kinetic UV/vis spectrophotometer, real time and standard PCRs, inverted and upright light microscopes, coulter counters, bacterial fermenters, refrigerators and freezers (both -20 and -80 C). The lab has similar safety features as the Drug Research and Development Lab.

Lab Location: 5th floor, DAC (D'Youville Academic Center)


The Interprofessional Clinical Advancement Center is a research and academic project that uses professional actors to create real-life patient care simulations for students. Students from eight healthcare disciplines at D'Youville take part in the Center.

Lab Location: D'Youville Academic Center (DAC)