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Physical Therapy (DPT) + 2 (BS options)


Earn both your bachelor’s and your Doctor of Physical Therapy degree faster with the support of a fully-accredited program designed for your success and at a university at the forefront of healthcare education.

As a leader in healthcare education, D’Youville understands the importance of helping to create the next generation of physical therapists and ensuring they are prepared to take on new roles at the forefront of healthcare. As a physical therapist you'll help people regain function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities to improve movement and the human experience.

At D’Youville, you’ll learn in small classes from professionals who are vanguards in their fields, know your name, and will work with you hands-on to ensure your success. You’ll learn in state-of-the-art labs, and when you’re ready for your clinical education, you’ll have opportunities across the U.S.

We take pride in how we educate our students and we see that reflected in their success — 100% of our students are employed within 6 months of graduation.

A Straight Path to Your Doctor of Physical Therapy

Regardless of which bachelor's degree path you choose, after you earn your undergraduate degree you'll automatically be admitted to our Doctor of Physical Therapy program, as long as you’ve maintained the necessary academic standards. No need to reapply!

A Leader in Healthcare Education

At D'Youville, our students learning experiences extend beyond a single program and connect students learning across all of our healthcare fields. When you graduate, you won't practice in a bubble and we ensure that's how you learn here. D'Youville's unique interdisciplinary education lab offers the opportunity for you to practice treating patient actors alongside a team of students from 7 other healthcare majors at D'Youville.

Learn and Practice Anywhere

D'Youville has developed relationships with 300 clinical fieldwork sites in a wide array of settings, facilities, and treatment protocols. And as you conduct your fieldwork, you’ll be constantly supported by participating in the online discussion that runs concurrently with your clinical experiences.

What you'll gain:

  • Benefit from the close relationships that D'Youville has developed over the years with over 300 clinical fieldwork sites in a wide array of settings, facilities, and treatment protocols
  • In select classes, our faculty practitioners bring patients to the classroom to maximize the development of the knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed as a physical therapist
  • Through our unique interprofessional education labs, you’ll learn to better understand the roles of other members of the healthcare team and develop skills to work effectively to improve patient car

Interprofessional Education

The Interprofessional Clinical Advancement Center is a research and academic project that uses professional actors to create real-life patient care simulations for students. Students from eight healthcare disciplines at D'Youville take part in the center, including physical therapy.

Clinical Education

It's one thing to learn something in the classroom ... it's quite another to put the knowledge and skills you've learned into practice in a clinical setting. At D'Youville you’ll get the experience, guidance, and support you need to become a confident, competent clinical professional.

As a physical therapy student, you'll gain experience with a total of 32 weeks of clinical fieldwork during the professional phase of the program.

Your success is paramount to us, and we'll be with you every step of the way as you progress through your clinical experiences. As you conduct your fieldwork, you’ll be constantly supported by participating in the online discussion that runs concurrently with your clinical experiences.

During your clinical fieldwork, you'll experience the fundamentals of evidence-based practice, including:


  • Patient evaluation
  • Direct patient care
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Healthcare administration
  • Teaching and supervision of other healthcare professionals


Sarah pictor
Sarah Pictor, PT, DPT, PCS

Clinical Associate Professor

"I teach an Introduction to Hippotherapy elective course which is always filled and continues to be one of the highlights of my teaching."

Dr. Cara A Berg-Carramusa
Dr .Cara A. Berg-Carramusa


"I have had a rewarding and adventurous career and happy life. I've been afforded the opportunity to practice internationally in Palermo, Sicily, Italy and have experienced several different practice settings from sports and outpatient, to a Level 1 Trauma acute care hospital, to serving older adult populations at a Continuum Care Retirement Community providing therapy services. I've been a staff physical therapist and progressed through my career to be a senior lead PT and then served as a Director of Therapy services for two different organizations."

Admission Requirements

At D'Youville, we are committed to selecting students who are academically well-rounded and committed to meeting the challenges of a high-quality education. If you have been successful in a traditional college preparatory program in high school, you should be well-prepared for the academic challenges at D'Youville. While we don't require you to submit ACT or SAT test scores, if you have taken or intend to take a standardized test we encourage you to submit your scores if you'd like them to be evaluated as part of your application.

First Time in College Student Requirements
  • Submitted application for admission
  • Official high school transcripts
    • An overall weighted GPA of 85 with successful completion of high school graduation requirements and three years of math, history, english, and science.
    • Physics is recommended.
Transfer Admission Required Review Criteria
  • Submitted application for admission
    • Applications are free of charge and can be found on our apply webpage.
  • Official transcripts from ALL previously attended colleges/universities
  • Cumulative GPA of 3

Use the Online Course Equivalency database to see whether the courses you've taken at other institutions can be counted towards a degree at D'Youville.

Bachelor of Science with Direct Entry to Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work in a diverse and wide-ranging set of clinical settings and have the option to focus on areas for specialization. At D'Youville, you'll have the opportunity to explore your interests as an undergraduate through our three bachelor's degree options. And after you complete your undergraduate degree, you'll automatically be admitted to our Doctor of Physical Therapy program, as long as you’ve maintained the necessary academic standards.

Bachelor's Degree Paths

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The BS in Biology option is ideal for students who love science or who are considering a career in research or teaching at the collegiate level. The comprehensive curriculum offered in the BS in Biology program allows you to establish a solid pre-medical education. The scientific and health-related knowledge and skills you'll learn will form a firm foundation for your physical therapy career.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Studies

If you envision yourself as a physical therapist working with athletes or other physically active people, the BS in Exercise in Sports Studies may be ideal for you. Not only can this pathway be completed in as few as 6 years with summer classes, but it also offers a wide range of exciting internship opportunities in a variety of clinical settings focused on athletics and physical fitness.

Already Earned a Bachelor's Degree?

If you’ve already earned your bachelor’s degree, you may apply to enter our three-year professional program leading to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. This demanding program combines traditional coursework with clinical fieldwork, graduate-level research, and online learning over the course of nine consecutive semesters, allowing you to complete the program in as little as three years.


Find detailed course information for the Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy Combined Program, tools to plan your education, and complete academic policies and procedures in the D'Youville academic catalog.

Interprofessional Education Labs

PT students at D'Youville learn to work as part of a collaborative healthcare team through Interprofessional Education Labs.