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Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy


D'Youville offers one advanced certificate program for physical therapists who wish to increase their knowledge and skills in a particular area.

Registered with the New York State Education Department, D'Youville's advanced orthopedic specialist program offers physical therapists advanced theoretical knowledge, problem-solving, and hands on skills in the specialty area of neuromusculoskeletal examination, evaluation, and interventions.


Applicants to this certificate program must present the following:

  • Official transcripts indicating an entry-level degree in physical therapy and,
  • A current active license to practice physical therapy in the U.S. or its equivalent.

Students who are currently enrolled in the doctor of physical therapy program may also apply for admission to this certificate program if they:

  • Obtain a recommendation letter from a faculty member who is an orthopedic specialist, and
  • Are in good standing within the DPT program, and
  • Have a minimum 3.25 GPA for all courses within the DPT orthopedic curriculum (PT 512, PT 513, PT 613, lecture and labs)


Find detailed course information for the Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy Certificate (Post-Master's) Program, tools to plan your education, and complete academic policies and procedures in the D'Youville academic catalog.

Required Courses

Number Name Credits
PT-709 Business Management Strategies for Physical Therapists 2
PT-731 Advanced Orthopedic Spine 3
PT-732 Advanced Orthopedics Extremities 3
Total Credits 8

Advanced Practice (Must complete 4 credits from the list below)

* Other Advanced Practice electives require prior approval from the certificate director.

Number Name Credits
PT-634 Spinal Manipulation 1
PT-684 Manual Therapy in Sports Rehabilitation 1
PT-686 Aquatic P.T. 1
PT-687 Comprehensive Soft Tissue Manipulation 1
PT-688 Functional Approach to Exercise 1
PT-750 Taping Methods 1
PT-752 Intro to Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 1
HP-501 Introduction to Qigong: Theory, Evidence And Practice 1

 Clinical Fieldwork

Number Name Credits
PT-660 Clinical Residency 3
Total Credits 3

Total required for Certificate in Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy: 15