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Campus Safety Department Participates in Narcan Training to Combat Opioid Crisis

April 26, 2024
Group of police officers sit at a large conference table. A woman is standing at the head of the table speaking to the group.

Buffalo, New YorkApril 26, 2024 - The Campus Safety Department at D’Youville University took a proactive step in addressing the opioid crisis by participating in a specialized training session on administering Narcan and responding to opioid-related emergencies. This event was not only designed to promote health but extend the Spring 2023 commencement theme of opioid awareness, which featured New York Times-best selling author and Hulu producer of Dopesick, Dr. Beth Macy.

The training was provided by the Erie County Department of Health and equipped campus security personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively respond to opioid overdoses and provide life-saving assistance.

With opioid-related incidents on the rise nationwide, universities are recognizing the importance of generating awareness, education, taking proactive measures to prepare for medical emergencies. By arming its safety officers with Narcan and proper training, D’Youville University underscores its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and community.

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