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D'Youville Student Shines Light on University Status

March 30, 2022
D'Youville Student Shines Light on University Status

D'Youville Student Shines Light on University Status

University Status & You

D’Youville officially became a University last month, in February of 2022, and it was hard to miss the fanfare.

The entire campus seemed to show up for the party; there was food and music, speakers from across the state, balloons and champagne, even a flash mob. The celebration was the release of anticipation for the campus community, and the atmosphere of excitement was palpable.

Now the confetti has been swept up and the bands have gone home. The party may be over, but the results of our success have only begun to impact our students, faculty, and staff.

“I think this is the accumulation of all of our hard work.” Says Richie Murphy, who is finishing his final year of the advanced Nursing BSN degree. “We proved that we are a well-structured, competitive institution.” For Richie, the designation of University reinforced his certainty in his choice to attend.

Not being a Buffalo local, D’Youville wasn’t the first place Richie considered attending when he decided to go into nursing, but after applying all around the state, D’Youville was his first choice.

“It’s a unique nursing program. The moment you’re enrolled you begin a fully immersive experience in the field” says Richie. In his experience, many first-year nursing students lose interest in their programs, when they are centered entirely on lectures and information without context.

He believes it’s D’Youville’s focus on immersive, real-world educational experiences that allow our retention and graduation rates to remain so high among student nurses.

D’Youville’s programs are what drew Richie to us, and what he believes makes the designation of University so applicable to the institution. Additionally, he feels the university designation will add value to our local partnerships.

“We already have such a strong connection to local health providers. This university status is going to carry our name with even more emphasis.” Says Murphy. University status, in combination with our community connections will lead to more internship, placement, and employment opportunities for our students from the moment they are enrolled.

D’Youville became a University officially on February 15th, 2022.

For more information on our University status, or for more information on D’Youville University, please check us out at


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