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Earn your Doctor of Chiropractic degree and join one of the fastest growing healthcare specialties.​​​​​​ According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of chiropractors is projected to grow 9 percent from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Our CCE-accredited program is for students who have already earned their bachelor's degree or are transferring from another DC program. You'll graduate in 3.5 years or less, depending on your previous coursework.

Doctors of Chiropractic focus on the treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems using their broad diagnostic skills and training in therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, nutrition, diet, and lifestyle counseling.

Meet Our Faculty

Why Choose D'Youville?

  • We're one the first Doctor of Chiropractic programs in the country that’s fully integrated with traditional healthcare fields. Because D’Youville offers graduate programs in nursing, occupational therapy, dietetics, pharmacy, and physical therapy, you’ll be immersed in a learning environment that practices — and values — a truly integrated approach to healthcare.
  • Our multidisciplinary clinic provides you with an opportunity to gain direct clinical experience with an integrated team that includes physical therapists, surgeons, and chiropractors.
  • Our hands-on, supportive, nurturing approach to chiropractic education means that you’ll enjoy small classes, interactive lectures, and most lab settings with a 12:1 student/instructor ratio (or less).
  • Our graduate faculty are all licensed practitioners who bring their own practical experience to what they teach in both the classroom and laboratory.
  • Studies show that teamwork across clinical specialties improves patient outcomes. D'Youville's unique interdisciplinary education lab offers the opportunity for you to practice treating patients (played by actors) alongside a team of students from 7 other healthcare majors at D'Youville — all under the supervision of a skilled instructor.


What you'll learn:

  • Our unique chiropractic program is the first in the country to combine a solid foundation in the liberal arts with rigorous, integrated training with traditional healthcare fields
  • How chiropractic can impact community health by providing care to underserved populations in area clinics
  • Research methods that provide a foundation that will benefit your clinical practice and prepare you for further study should you decide to pursue a research-based degree
  • Entrepreneurship training to help prepare you to run your own practice

Hear from Brittany, a graduate of D'Youville University's Chiropractic program. She found that D'Youville's focus on multidisciplinary learning set her up for success in her current position.

Clinical Internships

As a student in the Doctor of Chiropractic program, you'll gain invaluable experience through internships at D’Youville's clinics and through preceptorships at community-based institutions and in private practices. Students turn the knowledge, skills, and principles that they learn in the classroom into hands-on, practical experience through direct, patient care supervised by a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic that emphasizes supporting your growth as a practitioner and preparing you to pursue a variety of career pathways in chiropractic.

Your internship is where you’ll first put theory into practice as you learn how to take a holistic approach to patient care that addresses the whole person, striving to nurture mind, body, and spirit under the supervision of attending faculty clinicians. You’ll rotate through D'Youville-affiliated clinics within the Western New York area, providing you with a wide range of patients and valuable experience in diverse healthcare situations and settings.

Internship Locations

Explore Courses in Chiropractic

  • Treat patients of different age groups and cultural backgrounds as you focus on maintaining wellness, preventing illness, and providing restorative care. Learn how the well-being of the whole person relates to the structure and function of the body’s neuromusculoskeletal framework.

  • Discover biomechanics, orthopedic testing and diagnosis, and adjustive and manipulative procedures for the spine and pelvic region. Learn to examine various spinal conditions, including those resulting from trauma, as well as learn about orthotics and taping, soft tissue techniques.

  • Learn the principles and practices of evidence-informed practice and its importance in patient-centered care. Build on your prerequisite coursework as you prepare to implement evidence-informed chiropractic care. Use effective communication and documentation for patient communication, health record keeping, reporting, and more.

Blond woman smiles at the camera. She wears scrubs and sits in a large room in front of a spine wall mural
Brittany Schiferle DC

Graduate of the Doctor of Chiropractic Program

The faculty are so welcoming. They also have their own jobs as well, so there is so much to learn from them. They are instructors, but they are also business people and you're able to take so much from them and apply it to what you want to do in the future. I still have instructors that I talk to, and I go back to them all the time and ask questions, and they are always willing to help me.

Admission Requirements


Program Requirements

The Doctor of Chiropractic Program (DCP) admits students whose goals, abilities, and character are consistent with the DCP's mission, and who have completed a baccalaureate degree at an institution(s) accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or an equivalent foreign agency. The overall GPA minimum requirement for admittance to the DCP must be a 2.50 /4.0. 

Ninety (90) hours will include a minimum of 24 semester hours in life and physical science courses, of which 12 semester hours must include laboratory course work. These 24 credit hours may include, but not be limited to, courses in general biology, human anatomy, physiology, general chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biomechanics, and kinesiology. These science courses will provide an adequate background for success in the DCP. The student's undergraduate preparation also includes a well-rounded general education program in the humanities and social sciences, and other coursework deemed relevant by the DCP for students to successfully complete the DCP curriculum. The minimum GPA for these 90 hours must be no less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Students who wish to enroll in D'Youville's Doctor of Chiropractic program must present the following:

  • A completed bachelor's degree at an accredited institution.
  • GRE scores (if available)
  • International/foreign students (other than Canadian) whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL test scores.
  • One letter of formal recommendation required by the Chiropractic department. 
  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended.
  • International applicants must submit their transcripts to the World Education Service (WES) for a course by course evaluation.
  • Successful applicants will demonstrate the ability to perform well in a rigorous course of study and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Possible personal interview with chiropractic faculty at the discretion of the department.
Students Admitted to the DCP from International Institutions

Each student admitted to begin the DCP on the basis of academic credentials from institutions outside the United States must meet the following requirements:

  1. Provide evidence of proficiency in reading and writing in the English language, and an understanding of oral communication in English.
  2. Demonstrate academic preparation equivalent to that possessed by beginning students admitted from United States institutions.
  3. Provide evidence of proficiency in the subject matter of each course for which credits are accepted.
  4. Provide evidence of having financial resources sufficient to complete at least one full year of full­ time attendance in the DCP.
  5. Meet all applicable legal requirements for study in the United States.
Transfer Policies

Students transferring credits applicable to the DCP must meet the following requirements:

  1. The applicant for transfer from another doctor of chiropractic program must meet the prerequisite admissions requirements detailed above.
  2. Credits considered for transfer must have been awarded for graduate-level courses offered by an institution which is recognized by a national accrediting agency.
  3. Only credits recorded on an official transcript of the issuing institution with an equivalent grade of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale or better will be considered for transfer credits. Courses recording a grade of "pass", "satisfactory", or equivalent will not be considered for transfer credit.
  4. Credits accepted for transfer must be determined to be substantially equivalent to courses offered by D'Youville.
  5. Credits accepted for transfer must have been awarded within five years of the date of admission with the exception that D'Youville may, at its discretion, accept older credits if the entering student holds an earned professional degree in one of the health sciences (e.g., DC, MD, DO, DDS, DPM) or a graduate degree in an academic discipline closely related to the health sciences.
  6. Credits accepted for transfer from institutions outside the United States must be accompanied by evidence of the individual student's proficiency in the subject matter of each course for which credits are accepted. Students may be required to take a challenge examination to demonstrate proficiency prior to transfer credit being awarded.
  7. Transfer students must complete all of the internship requirements at D’Youville.
  8. Transfer students may not transfer more than 50 percent of chiropractic-specific courses.
  9. Transfer students must earn no less than 25 percent of the total credits required for the DC degree from D'Youville.


The final phase of your clinical experience will come when you participate in a preceptorship, gaining valuable experience by observing licensed Doctors of Chiropractic in a variety of settings and locations ranging from community-based clinics to large, urban hospitals to rural, solo-practice offices.

Preceptorship Locations


The chiropractic profession is one of the fastest growing healthcare specialties. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook the profession is expected to grow 9% per year, a faster-than-average pace when compared to all other professions, and this growth is expected to continue as people increasingly seek out non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatment and care.

Grounded in the sciences of anatomy, physiology, neurology, and biomechanics, chiropractic focuses on a natural approach to health and healthcare that emphasizes stimulating the inherent recuperative powers of the human body. As a holistic and complementary medical discipline, chiropractic is now practiced in over 40 countries around the world as part of an integrated approach to healthcare.

While many chiropractors practice in either solo or group clinical settings, some specialize in sports injuries, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, nutrition, internal disorders, or diagnostic imaging. Others pursue careers in research, teaching, and administration.

Alumni Success

Our graduates have found positions in a wide variety of settings including private solo practices, group practices, hospitals, community-based clinics, multi-disciplinary referral centers, higher education, and management. Read about how D’Youville's unique approach helped these graduates find their niche in chiropractic.

Dr. Matthew Bauman, '12

I have been the Wellness Director at a center for adults with learning differences, part of the Rehabilitation Department at a center for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, MS, and Parkinson’s, and I am also pursuing residency in Family Practice.

Chiropractic is a very rewarding field of study. The professors at D’Youville provided me with an in depth knowledge that allowed me to reach out to a diverse population of patients in my clinical rotations.

I believe D’Youville has so much to offer, from its state of the art anatomy labs, to many very unique clinical placements. One of my best memories as a student was the chiropractic department taking us to various health fairs and health related events. It allowed me to see firsthand what the general impression of chiropractic was in the community, and also provided an opportunity to help others understand what chiropractic is and how it works.

The doctor of chiropractic degree provided me with a wide range of options coming out of the program. While most decide to go into private practice or join an integrative group, there are so many other alternatives available. You could go into research, apply for a residency, teach, and also pursue leadership roles in the business end of healthcare as an expert in wellness. Personally, I have had a number of doors open once I graduated. I have been the Wellness Director at a center for adults with learning differences, part of the Rehabilitation Department at a center for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's, MS, and Parkinson’s, and I am also pursuing residency in Family Practice.

My job responsibilities vary from providing wellness analysis and interventions via nutritional and activity modifications, to the restoration of movement through soft tissue and joint dysfunction treatment. In everything that I do, I educate patients and clients as thoroughly as possible, a trait I acquired from the professors of the chiropractic program at D’Youville.

Dr. O'Dane Brady, '08 & '12

I currently reside in Mahalapye, Botswana where I now serve as the director of Botswana clinics with a non-profit organization known as World Spine Care.

Initially, it was the chiropractic program at D’Youville that drew me in but after taking a tour of the campus and meeting with an admissions counselor everything just felt right. The small class size and the support the faculty members and administrators provide are just some of the things that I enjoyed during my time at D’Youville.

I believe the opportunities that I’ve had as a student and as a D’Youville alum have been extremely rewarding. During my second year of college, I became an orientation assistant and I believe that was what sparked my involvement in other areas on campus and organizations off campus. Being a student ambassador for five years was also a great experience. The school was an “easy sell” to make to potential students and parents as my time spent was really enjoyable.

Apart from the educational opportunities afforded to me during my tenure at D’Youville I believe that the message of service to others resonated just as strongly and it stayed with me after my graduation. In fact, I currently reside in Mahalapye, Botswana where I now serve as the director of Botswana clinics with a non-profit organization known as World Spine Care (WSC).

There are two location from which I work, a district hospital in Mahalapye and a small clinic in the nearby village of Shoshong. I also work as a consultant for a managed care organization in developing clinical policies for the management of musculoskeletal disorders. As a chiropractic physician here in Botwana I provide evidence based care to presenting patients. My responsibilities include: performing a thorough history and physical examination of each patient, ordering diagnostic tests if clinically indicated, providing chiropractic care to presenting patients, following up and referring to other specialists.

While I was still a student at D’Youville, I had the great opportunity of interning at the Buffalo Spine and Sports Institute in Williamsville, NY and I was also part of clinical rotations at five clinics throughout the greater Buffalo area. I am really grateful that I am able to successfully use my clinical training and knowledge of health services in my current position in Botswana. I was so fortunate to have been part of the D’Youville community. Aside from my educational experience, the relationships, friendships, and connections I have made will last a lifetime.

Dr. Alykhan A. Jamal, '10

I am originally from Toronto, Canada and I am currently the Clinic Director at Toronto Spine & Sports Clinic. My responsibilities are very diverse as I am also the owner of the clinic: I am a chiropractor, a spinal decompression provider, and a strength and conditioning specialist amongst others.

One of the best features of the chiropractic program at D’Youville is the requirement to complete an internship prior to graduation. I feel that my internship provided me with valuable skills to put my clinical knowledge into practice and with the necessary tools to establish my own practice.

I am very happy with the education and experience I received at D’Youville. If you are a prospective student considering the D’Youville College Chiropractic Program I can tell you that the value of the education you receive is interconnected with the information that is presented to you by experienced faculty and staff. At D’Youville, I was lucky to benefit from that one-on-one time with my professors, because of the small class size and their genuine willingness to help. The classes became somewhat of a little family away from home. I still keep in touch with many of my former classmates, who I am now proud to call colleagues.